CAVU’s B Corp Journey


At CAVU, we’ve always believed that our responsibilities extend beyond profit margins. We’re committed to making a difference, not just in the marketplace but in the lives of our employees and our communities. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone in our journey: CAVU has officially become a certified B Corp!

Why does this matter, and what does it really mean to be a B-Corp in today’s business environment? For us, it’s about aligning our operations with our values, ensuring that every decision we make and action we take contributes positively to a more sustainable and equitable world. B Corp Certification isn’t just a badge; it’s a statement—a declaration that we’re here to do good, to innovate for the better, and to lead with purpose.

Understanding B Corps

At its core, a B Corp represents a business that meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. It’s a certification akin to the Fair Trade label for coffee or the USDA Organic certification for milk but tailored for entire businesses. This certification goes beyond product or service quality; it delves into a company’s heart—its operations, its impact on employees, the environment, and the community at large.

The B Corp Impact Assessment, the tool used to measure a company’s fitness for this esteemed badge, evaluates businesses in several key areas. It scrutinizes governance, ensuring companies operate with transparency and integrity; assesses how workers are treated, aiming for a high standard of employee wellbeing; measures the company’s engagement with and impact on their communities; evaluates environmental stewardship, pushing for sustainable practices and reduced carbon footprints; and, finally, examines how the company’s services or products benefit their customers and the world.

Why do these areas matter? Because they underscore a fundamental shift in how businesses view their role in society. It’s no longer enough to offer a great product or service. How you make it, the impact of its creation, and the legacy it leaves behind are just as crucial. B Corps lead by example, showing that business can be a force for good, creating benefits that extend beyond the bottom line, touching lives, communities, and the planet in positive, lasting ways.

For CAVU, pursuing B Corp Certification wasn’t just about adding a new accolade to our mantle. It was a reflection of our core values and a step towards actualizing the change we want to see in the business world.

Why CAVU Chose the B Corp Path

CAVU’s mission has always extended beyond the conventional boundaries of business success. We’re not just in it for the accolades or the bottom line; we’re driven by a vision to make a meaningful impact on the world around us. This profound commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and community engagement naturally led us down the path to becoming B Corp Certified. But what fueled this decision, and why is it so vital for us and the broader business community?

Aligning Values with Action

From day one, CAVU was built on the bedrock of positive change—change that doesn’t just benefit a select few but enriches the lives of everyone our business touches. We’ve seen the challenges the world faces, from climate change to social inequality, and we knew that business, as one of the most powerful forces in society, had a significant role to play in addressing these issues. The B Corp Certification aligns perfectly with our values, offering a structured way to measure and improve our impact.

The B Corp Difference

Why B Corp, you might ask? The certification stands out because it doesn’t just evaluate a product or a service; it assesses the overall positive impact of a company. It looks at how we operate, whom we serve, and the ripple effects of our actions. For CAVU, that means everything from how we create and teach our materials to how we support our employees and engage with our targeted communities. The B Corp Certification offers us a way to validate our efforts and push ourselves even further.

A Strategic Decision for Sustainability

Pursuing B Corp Certification was also a strategic decision. It’s about future-proofing our business, attracting like-minded employees and customers, and setting ourselves apart in a crowded market. In today’s world, consumers and workers are increasingly choosing to align with organizations that reflect their values. Being a B Corp helps us to clearly communicate our commitment to doing business differently—sustainably, ethically, and with a keen focus on community impact.

The Journey to Certification

Embarking on the path to B Corp Certification was a transformative process for CAVU, one that required us to dive deep into the essence of our operations and impact. This journey, which took over two years, was filled with a lot of self-examination, challenges, and a commitment to meet and exceed the standards set forth by B Lab. Here’s a closer look at our path to becoming a certified B Corporation.

The Initial Spark

Our journey began with a spark—an aspiration to not only embed our core values into every aspect of CAVU but also to stand as a testament to the power of purpose-driven business. The decision to pursue B Corp Certification stemmed from a desire to hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of social and environmental performance. It was about making our mission tangible, measurable, and, most importantly, impactful.

Navigating Challenges

The road to certification was not without its hurdles. One of the first challenges we faced was the comprehensive evaluation of our entire operation, from our hiring practices and employee benefits to our in-office recycling efforts and carbon footprint. The B Corp Impact Assessment required us to scrutinize every facet of CAVU under a magnifying glass. Gathering data, analyzing our practices, and identifying areas for improvement demanded time, resources, and a whole lot of teamwork.

Adapting our policies and operations to align with B Corp standards meant rethinking how we do business. It involved making significant adjustments to ensure our practices not only benefited our bottom line but also our people, our community, and the planet. Each adjustment, each policy change, was a step closer to the business we aspired to be—a business that leads with integrity and compassion.

A Collaborative Effort

The journey was a collaborative effort through and through. Engaging with representatives from B Lab, we benefited from their insights and guidance, navigating the certification process with an understanding that improvement is a continuous journey. Internally, our employees rallied behind the cause, embodying the change and contributing to a culture of sustainability and social responsibility. Our partners and customers also played a crucial role, supporting us through transitions and celebrating our milestones.

Achieving Certification

Submitting our application for review was a moment of anticipation and reflection. It represented countless hours of hard work, dedication, and a shared vision for what CAVU could achieve. When we finally received the news of our certification, it was a celebration of how far we had come and a reminder of the journey ahead.

Becoming a B Corp was a milestone, but more importantly, it was a catalyst for continued evolution. It has reshaped our understanding of success, embedding social and environmental goals into the DNA of our business. As we share more about the specific impacts and initiatives that defined our path to certification, we invite you to see how CAVU is not just navigating this journey but leading the way for others to follow.

CAVU’s B Corp Impact Assessment Highlights

With our B Corp certification now official, CAVU is turning vision into action, focusing on tangible steps over the next year to amplify our impact. Here’s how we’re committing to positive change, guided by the values and standards that B Corp Certification embodies:

Volunteering Together

CAVU is more than a company; we’re a community. This year, we’re deepening our commitment to the communities we serve by actively participating in local programs. Our team will volunteer time and skills, from tech workshops to environmental clean-ups, to make a real, tangible difference. It’s about giving back, building stronger community bonds, and applying our talents where they’re needed most.

Donating Learning Experiences

Education has the power to transform lives. That’s why CAVU is pledging to increase our total donated value to $1.5 million worth of learning experiences to underserved communities. By focusing on women+, LGBTQ+, people of color, and those from low-income backgrounds, we aim to break down barriers to education and open doors to new opportunities, ensuring everyone has access to the tools they need to succeed.

Professional Development Fund

Investing in our team’s growth is at the heart of CAVU’s mission. Every employee will benefit from a dedicated professional development fund, supporting not just career advancement but personal growth too. Whether it’s attending conferences, pursuing certifications, or exploring new fields of study, we’re empowering our team to reach their full potential.

Equitable Hiring Practices

At CAVU, we believe that diversity drives innovation. This year, we’re committed to leading the industry with equitable hiring practices that prioritize fairness, equality, and transparency. By reevaluating our processes, we’re ensuring that talent and hard work are the only criteria for success, setting new standards for inclusivity and representation in the workplace.

Healthcare Coverage

Recognizing that our employees are our greatest asset, CAVU is enhancing health and well-being benefits. We’re providing $600 of monthly insurance coverage for all employees, ensuring access to quality healthcare. It’s our way of showing care and support for our team, ensuring they have what they need to thrive, both in and out of the workplace.

These initiatives are just the beginning. Our B Corp Certification is not just a badge—it’s a commitment to continuous improvement, to doing better by our people, our planet, and our communities. As we embark on this journey, we invite you to join us, to watch our progress, and to celebrate the impact we can achieve together.

The Broader Impact of B Corps

In becoming a certified B Corp, CAVU has joined a global community of businesses committed to redefining the role of business in society. This movement, though diverse in its members and their missions, shares a common goal: to not only be the best in the world but also the best for the world. The impact of B Corps extends far beyond individual companies, shaping economies, communities, and environmental policies worldwide. Here’s why the broader impact of B Corps matters and how supporting this movement can drive substantial change.

Pioneering a New Business Paradigm

B Corps stand at the vanguard of a new business paradigm—one that values social and environmental outcomes as highly as financial ones. This shift challenges the traditional notion that businesses exist solely to generate profit, offering instead a model where profit and positive impact coexist. By proving that businesses can thrive while acting ethically and sustainably, B Corps inspire other companies to evaluate their practices and strive for improvement.

Driving Systemic Change

The collective power of B Corps lies in their ability to drive systemic change. Through collaboration, advocacy, and leading by example, B Corps influence industries, markets, and regulatory environments to prioritize sustainability, equity, and community well-being. This ripple effect can transform competitive landscapes, encouraging all businesses to adopt more responsible practices to remain relevant and successful.

Empowering Consumers

In today’s interconnected world, consumers are more informed and conscientious than ever before. The B Corp Certification serves as a trusted mark of a company’s commitment to doing good, empowering consumers to make choices that align with their values. Supporting B Corps sends a clear message to the market: there is demand for ethical, sustainable, and socially responsible products and services. As consumers increasingly favor B Corps, they fuel the growth of a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Creating Inclusive and Sustainable Economies

The ultimate goal of the B Corp movement is to create inclusive and sustainable economies that work for everyone. B Corps contribute to this vision by fostering inclusive workplaces, supporting local communities, protecting the environment, and engaging customers in their mission. By addressing social and environmental challenges through business, B Corps play a crucial role in building a more equitable and resilient future.

As we reflect on CAVU’s journey to B Corp Certification and the broader impact of the B Corp movement, it’s clear that this is more than a milestone—it’s a meaningful step towards a future where business is synonymous with positive change. Our journey has been one of transformation, challenge, and, ultimately, profound growth, not just for us but for the community and environment that our business touches.

Through our commitment to the B Corp standards, we’ve embarked on a path that challenges the traditional business model, proving that profitability and positive impact can coexist harmoniously. Our certification is not an end but a beacon that lights the way forward—a promise to continue pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a responsible business.

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