My recent trip to Ghana, alongside Chris Sims, to speak at the Agile in Africa conference was nothing short of extraordinary. It was an adventure that intertwined the beauty of Agile learning with the rich tapestry of Ghanaian culture.

Our conference space in Ghana

Embracing Agile at Every Level

The conference was a vibrant hub of enthusiastic learners, ranging from novices curious about Agile to seasoned practitioners. The diversity of questions and discussions underscored the universal appeal and adaptability of Agile principles. From foundational queries like “What is Agile?” to more nuanced discussions on the interplay of race and power dynamics within Agile organizations, the depth of engagement was truly inspiring.

Adapting to the Audience’s Needs

In true Agile spirit, I pivoted my intended talk on leadership in an Agile context to something more fundamental yet equally impactful. Recognizing the need for a practical introduction to Agile, I led an exercise called “The Airplane Game.” This hands-on activity, honed from years of Scrum training, allowed attendees to experience the dynamics of a high-performing Agile team through iterative sprints of paper airplane folding. The exercise not only conveyed the essence of Agile teamwork but also encapsulated the joy of collaborative learning.

Experiencing Ghana Beyond the Conference

Our hosts from Akaditi ensured that our experience extended beyond the conference halls. We had the privilege of delving into the local culture, from savoring Ghanaian cuisine to engaging in lively dances with the locals. These moments of connection offered a poignant glimpse into the daily lives of Ghanaians, marked by resilience and cheerfulness despite economic challenges.

A night club and restaurant in Accra, Ghana

A Display of Agile Expertise and Adaptability

A memorable highlight of the conference was an unexpected demonstration of Agile principles in action, led by Chris. During a session on AI, the scheduled expert faced a technology failure, leaving a gap in the agenda. Seizing the moment, Chris was asked to step in and share his insights on AI in the Agile space. With no preparation and only his extensive knowledge to rely on, Chris delivered an impromptu talk that was nothing short of remarkable. His ability to articulate complex concepts in an accessible way captivated the audience. This instance was a testament to the Agile mindset – adapting swiftly to change, demonstrating expertise, and delivering value under pressure.

Chris’ improvised talk on AI

Reflecting on the Socio-Economic Landscape

One aspect that struck me profoundly was the entrepreneurial spirit prevalent on the streets of Ghana. The absence of social security systems has fostered a culture of self-reliance, with many locals selling a variety of items at road intersections. This scene was a stark reminder of the disparities in global economic structures, yet it was also a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

A Spiritual and Cultural Epilogue

As the conference concluded, our hosts graciously introduced us to the serene beauty of the Ghanaian mountains, where we met a traditional spiritual healer and tasted the local palm wine. These moments transcended the usual tourist experience, offering us a deeper understanding of Ghanaian life and spirituality.

Looking Forward to Returning

As Chris and I boarded our flight home, we were already reminiscing about our experiences and eagerly anticipating our return to this incredible country. Our journey to Ghana was more than just a conference; it was a wealth of learning, cultural immersion, and profound human connections. As we reflected on our journey back from Ghana, the overwhelming sense of gratitude and inspiration we feel was interwoven with a deeper realization: the Agile journey is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about creating a global community of shared experiences and mutual learning.

Palm wine

Learning from the Ghanaian Agile Context

In the vibrant discussions and exercises at the Agile in Africa conference, we witnessed the unique ways in which Agile principles are interpreted and applied in different cultural contexts. The Ghanaian approach to Agile, marked by enthusiasm, adaptability, and resilience, offered us fresh perspectives. These insights are not just academic; they are real-world lessons that enrich our understanding of Agile’s universal applicability and transformative potential.

Enriching CAVU’s Programs with Global Insights

This trip has been a reminder of the importance of incorporating diverse global perspectives into our own programs at CAVU. The experiences and insights gained from the Ghanaian context will be invaluable in further refining our training methodologies. By integrating these learnings, we can offer a more enriched, culturally aware, and globally inclusive Agile training experience to our learners.

Building Bridges Across Borders

Our journey to Ghana underscores the significance of building bridges between Agile communities across the globe. It’s about creating a dialogue that transcends geographical boundaries, where experiences from one part of the world can inform and enhance practices in another. This cross-pollination of ideas and practices is crucial for the continued evolution and relevance of Agile methodologies.

A Call to Action for Global Collaboration

As we look to the future, our experience in Ghana has reinforced our commitment to fostering a global Agile community. We invite Agile practitioners, learners, and enthusiasts from all corners of the world to join this journey. Together, we can share, learn, and grow, making the Agile community more diverse, inclusive, and rich with varied experiences and perspectives.

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