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The Team Board: How to Eliminate Progress Meetings Forever

Explore how to create a Team Board. Delve into its roots and harness its power to enhance collaboration, transparency, and
February 20, 2024
McCaul Baggett

Prompt Engineering for Product Owners and Managers

Understanding the fundamentals of GenAI and Prompt Engineering is essential for Product Owners and Managers looking to integrate this technology
February 8, 2024
Chris Sims

Tooling Up for Agility: A Critical Look at Agile Tools and Software

Explore practical advice on selecting Agile tools to enhance workflows, avoid common pitfalls, and prioritize process over tools for success.
February 6, 2024
McCaul Baggett

Questions to Ask During Backlog Refinement That Will Take You to the Next Level

Transform your Agile approach with 5 key questions for effective backlog refinement, focusing on outcomes for strategic success.
January 16, 2024
Chris Sims

Agile Training and Education: Simple Guidance to Increase Your Success

Agile training and education provides your teams with the knowledge and skills to work effectively with an Agile mindset, resulting
January 5, 2024
Chris Sims

Scrum Overview – The 3-5-3-5 of Good, Values-centric Scrum

This Scrum Overview will guide you through the principles that form the foundation for Scrum, the 3-5-3-5 of Scrum, and
January 2, 2024
Chris Sims

Prompt Engineering: The Foundation of Effective and Efficient Generative AI

Prompt engineering bridges human creativity with AI, amplifying potential in personal and professional life, shaping AI integration.
December 28, 2023
Chris Sims

The true role of a Scrum Master

Being a Scrum Master isn’t about logistical tasks or playing secretary. It’s about leadership in its purest form. The true
October 10, 2023
McCaul Baggett

6 Common Complaints for Successful Implementation of OKRs in Agile

OKRs are a common approach to goal setting used by Agilists. Let’s unpack 6 common complaints in using OKRs in
July 14, 2023
Chris Sims

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