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Introducing the CAVU Flight Crew

We are very excited to announce the Flight Crew, a new program at CAVU that brings together members of our community and the CAVU team to help enhance the peer learning side of the CAVU platform. The Flight Crew are leaders within the CAVU community who serve to foster an environment for Scrum practitioners and learners to support each other’s journeys, encourage continued learning, contribute thought leadership, create a space to connect meaningfully.  

When you look at what a Flight Crew does in a traditional setting, they ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers on the plane. While we don’t expect our flight crew give details on cabin exits, the CAVU Flight Crew serves by engaging with the CAVU community to help create a meaningful and enjoyable experience while enhancing skills in Agile and Scrum.  

One of our goals at CAVU is to create a space that provides comprehensive learning with a community to help support that experience. Learning in a community is where you have the safety to learn and ask questions that can be answered by peers and leaders who are invested in their own continuous improvement. Our platform serves as a place to network and seek resources from others willing to share their experience.  

As we continue to build our community, we are inviting individuals who are committed to learning about Agile and Scrum and are leaders in their networks to be a part of the Flight Crew. The CAVU Flight Crew exemplifies the Scrum ValuesCommitment, Focus, Openness, Respect, and Courage, which are so important in building highly productive teams.  

The Flight Crew serves our CAVU community as leaders within the platform, fosters conversations, and spurs new ideas within the social portion of the CAVU platform. In the future, you will see blogs written by Flight Crew members as they help contribute to building out the thought leadership needed for the ever-changing workplace. They will offer insights to help build new lessons and programs in CAVU. And they will lend a voice of encouragement for others on their Scrum journeys. CAVU Flight Crew members come from diverse personal, educational, and professional backgrounds, and can speak to how Scrum has improved how they work and manage the value they contribute in their respective fields and the community.  

Whether you are a seasoned Scrum Practitioner, or new to traveling on the Scrum journey, our team and now our Flight Crew are here to navigate it with you. You can connect with them in CAVU by sending a message or interacting in the social feed.  

As always, if you have burning questions for CAVU, reach out to tower@cavu.co and the CAVU team will be happy to assist.  

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