New Course Alert! Scrum@Scale Launchpad  

Is your company thinking about how to start scaling? Are you considering scaling up your Scrum knowledge? Look’s like CAVU has what you might be looking for! This month, CAVU will introduce our newest Launchpad learning experience, Scrum@Scale Launchpad.

The Scrum@Scale Launchpad is an on-demand course for professionals, at any level, to grasp the fundamental concepts of Scrum@Scale. This course takes you through how this lightweight framework can empower your organization to use Scrum on a large scale.  

Scrum@Scale scales Scrum, using Scrum  

As explained in the Scrum@Scale Guide
Scrum@Scale helps an organization to focus multiple networks of Scrum Teams on prioritized goals. It aims to achieve this by setting up a structure that naturally extends the way a single Scrum Team functions across a network and whose managerial function exists within a minimum viable bureaucracy (MVB).

Our Scrum@Scale Launchpad serves as a foundational point for the Scrum@Scale Practitioner course and as a level-set for Agile leaders. It helps students gain a deeper understanding of how a lean mindset delivers value and sets teams up for success, as they continue on to the robust practitioner course.

The course begins with a discussion on the core Scrum Framework and explaining how it scales across an organization to achieve improved results at an enterprise level. Students will be able to complete the course on their own schedule and all students will be enrolled in a group on the CAVU platform. In the Scrum@Scale group, they can get feedback from their peers, instructors, and practitioners on homework assignments.  

Join us today to start your Scrum@Scale Journey! 

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