Paraglider against a clear blue sky

Hello, CAVU!

Companies unable to master the fast pivot struggle to succeed. Over the past few years, Sigao has trained hundreds of Scrum Masters, Product Owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders. What started as a product development company has quickly become a leading people development company. With this rapid growth, Sigao is pivoting. We are creating a new platform for our people development organization – CAVU. 

CAVU is a flight term short for Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited. It is a clear blue sky in which you not only see to the horizon, but also safely fly as fast as you can. Our desire for CAVU is to build leaders, startups, and enterprises into fast-moving organizations that solve human problems and raise the water level for all. 

CAVU is also a community platform bringing innovators, leaders, agilists, and entrepreneurs together to support each other as they grow. We are offering an exciting new approach to community, coaching, training, and tooling that will democratize access to transformative knowledge. 

Additionally, we are doubling down on Sigao’s desire to help our customers create outcomes that solve real, human problems. Our renewed focus on solutioning, problem solving, and technical excellence to help our customers succeed will provide long-term benefits for our current and future customers.  

We are excited for this journey! Over the next weeks, we will continue releasing new information about both Sigao and CAVU. The first training cohort to learn within the CAVU platform starts this month and we’ll be introducing new opportunities for participation over the next month. Later this summer we hope you will join us for our official launch party to celebrate both CAVU and the new Sigao!  

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