CAVU Welcomes Co-Founder McCaul Baggett

CAVU, the Birmingham-based innovative social learning platform, is excited to announce the appointment of renowned Scrum Fellow and Agile expert McCaul Baggett as its co-founder and Chief Agility Officer. Baggett’s addition to the team reaffirms CAVU’s commitment to creating a more equitable workforce through advanced, accessible learning solutions.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have McCaul, an industry leader in business agility and transformation, join our team. His extensive experience not only allows us to expand our offerings but also directly aligns with our mission of fostering a more equitable workforce. McCaul’s expertise and commitment to inclusivity will be invaluable in supporting our efforts to create equal opportunities for all,” says Chris Sims, CAVU CEO and Co-Founder.

Sims, Baggett, and the team are committed to further improving access to valuable career development opportunities for a worldwide audience, embracing radical innovation in the Agile education space. The founders plan to leverage cutting-edge technology to develop online platforms and virtual training programs that can reach learners across the globe.

CAVU continues to embrace our long-term vision by continuing to support and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds as well as advocating for systemic changes within the Agile and Scrum fields. We believe that by working together to address the challenges of representation and inclusivity, we can make a lasting impact on the industry, ultimately fostering a more equitable, innovative, and successful future for everyone involved.

CAVU Benefit Corporation exists to make a more equitable workforce. We do that by creating engaging, effective, and accessible learning experiences. We just happen to teach Agile. 

In other words… we elevate Agile by elevating the workforce.

Download the full press release here.

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