CAVU Receives $25,000 for Scholarship Program

CAVU is pleased to announce that it has received a $25,000 sponsorship from the Innovators Network Foundation in support of its LevelUp Scholarship Fund. 

The grant will allow six learners from communities that are traditionally underrepresented in the tech industry to participate in CAVU’s Scrum Bootcamp, a five-day course that includes an opportunity to receive Registered Scrum Master and Registered Product Owner credentials. Members of the LGBTQ+ or BIPOC communities and women are eligible to apply for the scholarship. 

“Part of CAVU’s core mission as a benefit corporation is to give back to the community,” said CAVU founder and CEO Chris Sims. “By providing opportunities to people who may not have received them otherwise, we are creating a more equitable workplace and world.” 

The credentials students can earn through the scholarship program qualify them for a number of in-demand scrum master and product owner positions that have high earning and advancement potential. 

“In little more than 10 years, the app economy grew from a handful of app developers to a $6.3 trillion industry. In order to continue to see successful, diverse tech hubs thrive across the United States, it’s essential to invest in our future and in organizations like CAVU,” said Chelsea Thomas, Managing Director, Innovators Network Foundation. “Innovation depends upon diversity and the new ideas and approaches that come from an expanding pool of talent, and new ideas start with the opportunity for education.   

“We are proud to support CAVU in empowering all humans with learning opportunities and can’t wait to see where the next generation of innovators takes the app economy!” 

Sims said the scholarship program also allows CAVU and its team to lean into the core values of Agile. 

“A more diverse workforce is going to be a better workforce,” Sims said. “Agile is about learning to be more efficient, and it’s also about putting humans first. These are core ideals of an Agile mindset and core values of CAVU as an organization.” 

CAVU Benefit Corporation is headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. Its mission is to be a social learning platform where efficiency and equity meet. Learn more about the LevelUp Scholarship Program here

The Innovators Network Foundation focuses on improving the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship around the world. It provides tools and research to help innovation-based companies succeed. Learn more here

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