CAVU Microlearning Lessons

Want to learn something new and learn it fast? Welcome to CAVU’s Microlearning Lessons! 

What’s that topic you wish you could learn just a little bit more about, to understand it better? Or maybe it’s a topic that is being covered in a class, but you don’t have the base knowledge everyone else seems to? CAVU’s got what you need – our new Microlearning Lessons! 

At CAVU, we understand people learn differently. Some need video, others audio. Yet others want to read or have something to immediately apply their knowledge. Our learning experiences go from live, instructor led courses and blog posts to microlearning lessons and on demand courses. 

Our newest offerings are Microlearning lessons and activities. Microlearning lessons are short tutorials on specific subjects (usually around 10-20 minutes long). The Microlearning activities let you test your knowledge in about 90 seconds.  

We recently released our first two Microlearning sessions – a quick activity and a short lesson on Outputs vs Outcomes. In these sessions, you will review the differences between Outcomes and Outputs. Understanding outcomes and outputs will help you better organize your work and move both your company and your team forward in meaningful ways. 

We recommend testing your knowledge with the activity first, then going on to watch the lesson, which will quiz you again at the end. 

We hope you find these Microlearning sessions useful and easy to digest. Microlearnings are a perfect way for you to prepare for takeoff! 

What else do you think we should consider for Microlearning sessions? Let us know in the comments or by emailing the team at 

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