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Finding Diverse Candidates

When you are developing any kind of product, it is important to have diverse viewpoints. But, how do you find diverse candidates when you are creating or adding to your Agile team?

Creating diverse candidate pools can be a challenge for many organizations, especially when hiring for Agile teams. We compiled a list of the top 5 tips we found to be most helpful when finding diverse candidates.

1. Expand your recruiting sources.

Don’t limit yourself to the traditional sources of candidates. Reach out to diverse organizations, attend job fairs and events that target underrepresented groups. Leverage social media and online communities to spread the word about job opportunities.

2. Eliminate bias from the job description.

Review your job postings to ensure that the language used is inclusive and neutral. Avoid using gender-specific language or jargon that may exclude certain groups.

3. Focus on skills and experience.

Look beyond traditional credentials and focus on skills and experience. Consider candidates who may have transferable skills, experience from different industries or life experience that may contribute to the team’s success.

4. Use diverse interview panels.

Ensure that the interview panel is diverse, including members from different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. This can help to eliminate biases and increase the likelihood of hiring a more diverse candidate.

5. Provide training for hiring managers.

Provide training for hiring managers to help them understand unconscious bias and its impact on the hiring process. This can help them to make more objective and inclusive hiring decisions.

Remember, creating a diverse candidate pool takes effort and a commitment to inclusivity. It may take time, but the benefits are well worth it, including increased innovation, creativity, and problem-solving ability.

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