A Day in my Life as an Agile Consultant


Back when I first dipped my toes into the world of Agile, before I began my life as an Agile consultant I found myself at a large non-profit, navigating through a sea of projects and the constant shuffle of matrixed teams. It was there, amid the organizational chaos, that I stumbled upon a gem: a small team I was tasked to lead as a Scrum Master. Unlike the usual project-based teams that dissolved after each project, we had the opportunity to stay together, focusing on building an app—a task significant for our organization but not out of the ordinary in the grand scheme of software development. Yet, this seemingly routine project became the bedrock of my Agile journey.

In those early days, as we embarked on Sprint after Sprint, our team dynamic began to shift. Work discussions seamlessly blended into personal conversations, and before we knew it, our professional relationships blossomed into genuine friendships. This transformation wasn’t instantaneous; it unfolded over countless stand-ups, planning sessions, and, yes, our now-famous Friday get-togethers where a fancy bottle and shared laughs became our ritual. Our team’s cohesion and morale weren’t just nice-to-haves; they catapulted our productivity to new heights. It was noticed within the organization, as well. Leadership began to fully embrace the incredible potential of long-term, stable teams in fostering both a positive work environment and impressive outcomes.

Reflecting on this pivotal experience, I realize it was the spark that ignited my passion for Agile coaching. Witnessing first-hand the transformative power of trust and collaboration within a team propelled me to dedicate my career to helping others achieve similar success. It’s a journey that’s taken me through various organizations, each with its unique culture and challenges, reinforcing my belief in the Agile principles every step of the way.

The creation of the video “A Day in my Life as an Agile Coach & Transformation Consultant” was driven by my desire to share these experiences. My work has allowed me to travel, meet fascinating people, and make a tangible impact on the way teams and organizations operate.

The Appeal of Agile Consulting

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

In Agile consulting, stagnation is the enemy. The very essence of Agile—its heart and soul—is about embracing change, not just within the projects we oversee but within ourselves as practitioners and leaders. Agile consulting propels you to the forefront of industry trends, demanding a commitment to never-ending personal and professional development. Whether it’s mastering new frameworks, experimenting with cutting-edge tools, or simply refining the art of communication, learning never stops. It’s this perpetual quest for knowledge that ensures we, as coaches remain adaptable and relevant, ready to navigate the ever-evolving landscapes of technology and business.

And let’s not forget, part of this learning journey often involves travel. Visiting different cities and countries, I’ve had the privilege to immerse myself in diverse organizational cultures, each with its own set of challenges and opportunities. These travels not only broaden my professional toolkit but also enrich my personal worldview, making each assignment a unique learning experience.

Impact on Teams and Organizations

There’s a profound sense of satisfaction that comes from witnessing a team transformation under Agile principles. I recall a project in a healthcare organization where siloed communication and rigid processes were the norms. Through careful coaching and the introduction of Scrum methodologies, we broke down those barriers, fostering a culture of open dialogue and collaboration. The result was not just a successful product launch but a shift in how the team viewed challenges and solutions—a lasting transformation that went beyond the project’s scope.

These success stories are the milestones of my coaching career, each one a testament to the potential within every team and organization to evolve and succeed. From tech startups to educational institutions, the impact of Agile consulting can be seen in improved efficiencies, stronger team dynamics, and, ultimately, higher-quality outcomes that serve the greater good.

Diversity of Experience

One of the most exhilarating aspects of Agile consulting is the sheer diversity of experiences it offers. No two days are the same, and no two projects are identical. I’ve navigated through a spectrum of industries—from fintech to non-profit, from e-commerce giants to small educational teams. Each encounter has demanded a tailored approach, leveraging different aspects of Agile methodologies to address unique challenges and goals.

This diversity extends to the work environment as well. Agile consulting often comes with the perk of flexible hours and the ability to work from almost anywhere—whether it’s on-site with a client, from a quaint café in a new city, or the comfort of my home office. This flexibility has been instrumental in maintaining a balance between my professional responsibilities and personal life, allowing me to immerse myself fully in the moment, whether I’m coaching a team or exploring a new destination on my travel itinerary.

In essence, Agile consulting is more than a career—it’s a pathway to continuous growth, impactful transformations, and an ever-expanding tapestry of experiences. It’s about navigating the winds of change with a steady hand and an open heart, ready to learn, adapt, and make a difference wherever the journey takes us.

Travel as a Perk and a Challenge

Travel, the word itself conjures images of bustling airports, scenic landscapes flashing by train windows, and the thrill of stepping into a city for the first time. In the life of an Agile consultant, travel is both a ticket to global adventures and a test of one’s ability to adapt and balance.

Global Adventures

As an Agile Consultant, my passport pages tell tales not just of professional endeavors but of cultural immersions and serendipitous adventures that have shaped my approach to coaching. My journey has woven through the vibrant streets of São Paulo during Carnival, an explosion of color and energy that injected an unparalleled vitality into my work. In contrast, the quiet resilience of Mexico City during an earthquake revealed the strength of community and the importance of adaptability—lessons that resonate deeply with Agile principles.

India, with its rich diversity spanning from Pune to New Delhi, offered a kaleidoscope of experiences that underscored the versatility required in my role. Each city, with its unique rhythm and challenges, taught me to tailor my coaching to meet varied needs, mirroring the adaptability we champion in Agile methodologies.

The marathon of travel to Singapore, over 24 hours each way, was a testament to the lengths we go to connect and learn. The luxury of flying business class offered a moment of reflection on the privileges and responsibilities of guiding teams through their Agile transformations.

From the historic charm of Cambridge and London in the UK to the varied landscapes of the US—from Houston’s energy to Moline’s quiet charm—each destination has contributed to my understanding of Agile’s universal application. These travels have not just broadened my professional toolkit but enriched my personal worldview, making every trip a unique chapter in my ongoing Agile journey.

This tapestry of global adventures underscores a fundamental truth about Agile consulting: it’s a role that thrives on diversity, adaptability, and the continuous exchange of ideas. It’s these experiences, collected from corners of the world, that remind me why I embarked on this career path—the pursuit of growth, impact, and the joy of connecting with people across cultures, all united by the common goal of transformation and improvement.

The Pandemic’s Impact

Then came the pandemic, a curveball that grounded flights and transformed bustling training rooms into grids on Zoom. The change was abrupt, challenging the very essence of how I connected with teams and clients. Yet, in this constraint, we found new avenues of connection. Virtual coffees replaced airport layovers, and digital whiteboards became our canvas for collaboration. The pandemic underscored the importance of agility, not just in projects but in our approach to life and work. It taught us to maintain the human connection, the core of Agile consulting, even when miles apart.

As the world grappled with the pandemic’s challenges, the true value of Agile became unmistakably clear. Companies that had embraced Agile practices, with John Deere standing out as a prime example, didn’t just survive the upheaval—they thrived. Their ability to quickly pivot, maintain continuity in the face of disruption, and keep their teams engaged and productive was a powerful affirmation of the work we’d done together. Witnessing these organizations navigate the pandemic with agility and resilience was profoundly rewarding. It underscored the tangible impact of Agile beyond the confines of project management—it’s about building organizations that can withstand the unforeseeable, adapt rapidly, and emerge stronger from adversity.

This resilience, demonstrated so compellingly during the pandemic, has only deepened my commitment to Agile consulting. It’s a testament to the enduring value of Agile principles in fostering not just productivity and efficiency but true organizational resilience.

Balancing Travel with Personal Life

Frequent travel, while exciting, poses its own set of challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining a balance with personal life. My strategy revolves around intentional planning and embracing flexibility. I ensure my travels are well-spaced, allowing for downtime and moments of reconnection with my family at home, be it a quiet evening together or a weekend exploring local bike trails. Technology becomes a bridge on days away, enabling me to share moments and stay present in the lives of those I care about.

Moreover, I’ve learned to integrate travel into my personal growth, seeing each trip not just as a work commitment but as an opportunity to explore, to pause and reflect in a park I’ve never visited before, or to indulge in a hobby like photography, capturing the essence of each city through my lens. These moments of exploration and reflection become the counterbalance to the hustle, ensuring that while my work takes me around the world, I remain grounded in the things that matter most.

Travel, in the end, is both the perk and the challenge of being an Agile Consultant. It’s a journey that teaches, tests, and ultimately enriches, offering a kaleidoscope of experiences that shape us professionally and personally.

A Typical Day

Each day as an Agile Consultant brings its own unique set of experiences, a mix of familiar routines, and new challenges. Here’s a glimpse into what such a day looks like, especially when it involves sharing the Agile way of life, navigating through cities, and coming back to the comforts of home.

Morning Routine

My day begins with the promise of caffeine and the minor challenge of remembering where I’m supposed to get it. Is it the Frothy Monkey? Or was it the Cheeky Monkey today? Perhaps the Funky Monkey? Honestly, the name slips my mind more often than my keys, but what matters is that they serve a mean cup of coffee that jump-starts my day. It’s here, in the bustling heart of Birmingham, that I gear up for a day of training, my mind buzzing almost as much as the atmosphere around me.

For a closer look at my morning routine and the coffee conundrum, check out the very beginning of my video, “A Day in my Life as an Agile Coach & Transformation Consultant.”

Training Sessions

Diving into the core of my day, training sessions are where the magic happens. Gone are the days of heavy reliance on slide decks. Now, it’s all about engagement, interaction, and, of course, paper airplanes. Yes, you heard that right, I bring the principles of flow and teamwork to life with the Airplane Game. There’s nothing quite like seeing a room full of professionals folding paper airplanes to illustrate Agile concepts. It’s a simple yet effective metaphor for the iterative process—plus, who doesn’t enjoy a bit of childhood nostalgia in the middle of a workday?

Afternoon Wrap-up and Travel

As the training session wraps and the paper airplanes make their final landings, it’s time to switch gears to travel mode. My journey to the airport is smooth, thanks to a well-practiced routine. Early boarding? Check, courtesy of my frequent flyer status. Headphones to drown out the hustle and bustle of the airport? Check. And let’s not forget the three portable chargers—because one simply isn’t enough for someone who lives on the go. Traveling light is my mantra; a carry-on is all I need for up to a week. Checking bags is a practice in patience I can’t afford.

Homecoming and Downtime

The return home is always the sweetest part. The eager anticipation of my dogs and the warmth of coming back to a family that missed me as much as I missed them—is there anything better? It’s a stark contrast to my earlier days of solo travel. This balance between professional fulfillment and personal happiness wasn’t easy to find, especially with a travel schedule that used to challenge even the most enduring relationships. Now, with more time at home, every departure is meaningful, and every return is a celebration.

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