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What is a Scrum Board? A Practical Guide

A Scrum Board is a visual tool tracking work progress during a Sprint, featuring columns like “To Do,” “Doing,” and
February 13, 2024
McCaul Baggett

How Do I Interpret a Burndown Chart?

Understanding how to interpret a Burndown Chart is an effective tool to steer your teams toward success. Dive in to
February 5, 2024
Chris Sims

Scrum Overview – The 3-5-3-5 of Good, Values-centric Scrum

This Scrum Overview will guide you through the principles that form the foundation for Scrum, the 3-5-3-5 of Scrum, and
January 2, 2024
Chris Sims
Your Team's Definition of Done

Done Means Done Means Done. Your Definition of Done

Do you have a Definition of Done? Or does your team say things like: “It’s done, but I just need

December 31, 2023
Chris Sims

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