From My (Chris) Bookshelf

In my coaching and training, I’m often asked for a recommended reading list. I’m a firm believer that we always have room to grow and get better. If you aren’t a little better today than you were yesterday and tomorrow than you are today, then you will fall behind. We gain a lot when we read. So, here are some recommended titles for your Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Leader shelf. If any of these interest you, add them to your bookshelf or check out our upcoming book clubs! (if you purchase from one of the links below, we get a very small affiliate payment that goes into our scholarship fund)

These books are just a sampling of my library, and, as an avid book hoarder, I’m constantly looking for the next title to add to my bookshelf. I’d love to see your comments below on books that might be missing from my library!

Scrum Master Books

Product Owner Books

Leadership Books

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