Hi, my name is Tina Maddox, and I am a senior data scientist with LMI. I started my journey in Louisiana, where I learned poetry does not have to rhyme, becoming a classically trained violinist takes more dedication than learning to sew, Information does not sway data, and that knowledge is like pizza crust — different but fundamental. 

My dad told me when I was little that some people think more with the left side of their brain and are very logical and practical, while others think more with the right side of their brain and create the colors we see in art or the sound we hear in music. And then there are the ones who are lucky enough to bridge the two sides together as a translator of the brain halves. 

That is the day I learned my superpower as a middle brain. I am the average middle brain: I like Warner Brothers cartoons, Japanese Animation, the calm of a pollinator garden, gardening, figuring out why something is not working and what can be done to fix it.  

Middle brain is not a scientific term but explains the many quests I had as a child and even today to find out “how come.” I asked how come I liked being a violinist but also liked helping my dad take car engines apart to see why they were not working. I like asking why and what if, is it possible, what about this, all while not reinventing the wheel but add three more for a more enjoyable journey while cranking up the radio to the best of 80s and 90s Pop and R&B. 

On my career journey, I was first introduced to the word “scrum” while I was working in an enterprise data warehouse. The practice made sense to me, the words not so much. While learning the various guidelines and roles associated with the scrum framework there were times when the left side of my brain was scared that I could not become certified or help my team succeed in the goals leadership set for us.  

Fast forward, and the superpower kicked in. I realized scrum process to the right side of my brain was a to-do list to the left side of my brain. I told myself if there ever was a chance for me to help someone on their journey through Scrum I would, not because I have the answers but because new things are not as scary if you have someone to just be there when needed.  

With the team at CAVU, I will have the chance to dust off my memory and add to my knowledge base. While walking this journey with beginners, seeing things from their viewpoint, there are new treasures for all. 

I am sure somewhere in time someone smarter than me observed that being a part of the experience to help someone learn something new is like spring. The knowledge that once lay dormant packed on a shelf in our memory now receives the sunlight projected by someone learning something new. I cannot wait for this journey. I wonder what bright rays of sun I will encounter in my fellow travelers. 

Want to learn more about the Flight Crew? Check out our blog post or listen to Episode 2 of our podcast, the CAVU 16th Minute.

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