The MetaScrum Toolkit

Welcome to the MetaScrum Toolkit by CAVU, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and enhance your Agile Product and Portfolio Management processes at scale, especially within environments utilizing Scrum@Scale or any scaled Agile framework. The toolkit is crafted from CAVU’s experience in product management and Agile frameworks at scale, and it aims to facilitate portfolio planning in a scaled environment. Our favorite Scaling framework, Scrum@Scale calls this the MetaScrum event, but whatever you call it, it is meant to ensure strategic alignment and actionable plans across multiple Scrum teams.


CAVU’s MetaScrum Toolkit is your go-to resource for effectively managing and aligning high-level priorities in a scaled environment. Created by experts at CAVU, this toolkit simplifies the process of conducting a MetaScrum, a pivotal element of Scrum@Scale, by providing you with all the necessary tools for your success.

Toolkit Contents

MetaScrum Board: At the heart of the toolkit is the MetaScrum Board, including a blank board template for digital implementation, a pre-filled example board for inspiration, and a goal widget to visually capture strategic objectives.

Epic Burndown Chart: A blank template for tracking your epic progress independently, facilitating clear and effective progress reporting.

Sample Folder: Contains three Epic Burndown Chart templates, seamlessly integrated with a PowerPoint file for presenting epic progress, customizable to fit your unique project needs.

Key Components

Strategic Goals

  • Set and align your strategic goals prior to the MetaScrum, leveraging frameworks like OKRs or SMART goals.
  • Maintain focus on a maximum of three goals to ensure concerted effort towards achievement.

Epic Burndowns

  • Visualize epic progress with up to three separate burndowns to provide a comprehensive view of your epic advancements.
  • Incorporate notes, summaries, and a color-coding system for an intuitive understanding of epic statuses.

Realignment Discussions

  • Engage in meaningful discussions about upcoming epics to ensure prioritization and team coordination.
  • Enhance visibility and manage changes effectively within your MetaScrum environment.

Communication Plan

  • Robust communication is critical for the success of your MetaScrum. It’s important to have a plan to relay decisions and changes efficiently.
  • Use this section to outline and execute communication strategies post-MetaScrum.

Guidance and Agenda

  • Clear, concise guidance for using the toolkit, ensuring your strategic goals, progress reviews, and realignment discussions are productive and focused.

Leveraging the MetaScrum Toolkit for Strategic Goals

  • Establish measurable objectives aligning team efforts with overarching business strategies.
  • Utilize the toolkit to create a cohesive environment where team activities contribute towards achieving strategic objectives.

Embracing Change and Realignment

  • Adapt quickly to challenges with CAVU’s MetaScrum Toolkit, designed to facilitate swift strategic adjustments.
  • Regular MetaScrum events, ensure continuous alignment and responsiveness.

Effective Communication

  • Enhance team communication and collaboration ensuring all members are informed and aligned on priorities and changes.
  • Plan and conduct productive meetings making each MetaScrum session a stepping stone towards Agile excellence.

Resources and Further Reading

  • For comprehensive guidance on Scrum@Scale and conducting a MetaScrum, visit the Scrum@Scale Guide.

Thank you for choosing The MetaScrum Toolkit by CAVU. Begin your journey towards more efficient, aligned, and successful Agile processes today.

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