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11 Tips for Writing Good User Stories

Writing effective user stories is not as difficult as it seems. We’ve curated 11 tips you can use with your
January 23, 2024
McCaul Baggett

Questions to Ask During Backlog Refinement That Will Take You to the Next Level

Transform your Agile approach with 5 key questions for effective backlog refinement, focusing on outcomes for strategic success.
January 16, 2024
Chris Sims

Five Principles of Agile Estimation Especially At Scale

Agile estimation at scale can be challenging due to the complexity of large teams and the uncertainty associated with developing
January 4, 2024
Chris Sims

Ready. Set. Go. Your Team’s Definition of Ready

Are you ready to go? More importantly, are your Product Backlog Items “Ready to be worked?” In this blog post

December 18, 2023
Chris Sims

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