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CAVU’s Agile Accelerator attracts aspiring Agile professionals from diverse backgrounds, including recent graduates, career switchers, and seasoned professionals seeking to enhance their skills. Our open admissions policy and flexible hybrid learning approach make it accessible for learners worldwide to join and thrive in our program.

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CAVU's Students

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What our students have to say...

I have just completed the Scrum Launchpad course! It was incredibly interesting and insightful. I enjoyed EVERY BIT of the content. Incredibly grateful for the opportunity and a big thank you to the CAVU team for putting this together!

Nnenna U.
LevelUp Scholar

CAVU created one of the most engaging courses I’ve taken in a long time. They are the standard to which I hold all trainings I do in the future.

Lando T.
Principal Product Owner

Our product development went down to about six to eight months from 18 months, and we are still improving!

Ethan Summers
CEO Extelli

I already got so much valuable information that will inform how I practice and understand Scrum. I’m looking forward to advancing, growing, and learning more Scrum.

Sasha A.
LevelUp Scholar

I finished Scrum Launchpad today! What an incredibly well-designed course. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn more about Scrum and Agile and practice it soon. Thank you!

Rhyannon J.
LevelUp Scholar

I feel way more challenged at work, and more fulfilled in the everyday aspects of this role!

Hakeem L.
Scaled Scrum Master

Hi everyone.. so glad to be here. I am Tolu B., and I sincerely appreciate this opportunity from CAVU. I just completed my Scrum Launchpad!!! Those short videos and slides are very easy to follow and clearly curated. Awesome!

Tolu B.
LevelUp Scholar

This course was very interactive, with a variety of ways to learn the role of SM and PO. I obtained a wealth of Agile skills during our daily training sessions and online learning. The entire team was SUPER conversant with the coursework. Chris was an awesome trainer! Thank you, CAVU!

Kenya K.
LevelUp Scholar