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What Will I Learn?

This course will guide you the foundations of Agility through the lens of Scrum. Our trainers have worked directly with Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum to create a learning experience that will grow your Scrum Master and Product Owner practice.

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Course Breakdown

Agile Accelerator Orientation

Learn the ropes of CAVU’s hybrid learning model and how it can help you earn your Registered Scrum Master and Registered Product Owner credentials.

Start with Why

Companies spend billions of dollars per year implementing and rolling out Agile methodologies. Find out why.

Before the Sprint

In this section, we will learn how to take big ideas and make them small enough to fit in a Sprint. We will explore Agile estimation techniques such as Planning Poker and Affinity Sizing. 

From there, we will dive into how to run an effective and efficient Sprint Planning session.

During the Sprint

The course breaks down the Daily Scrum, a critical daily meeting where teams inspect progress towards the Sprint Goal. In addition to the Daily Scrum, you will dive into the Scrum Patterns. These essential practices are critical in creating high-performing teams.

After the Sprint

Learn about the Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective activities. These activities keep you focused on continually improving your product and your team and are key to the success of effective Agile frameworks.

Scaling and Lean

Gain a high-level understanding of how to scale Scrum using Scrum with Scrum@Scale. From there, we dive into Lean techniques such as Value Stream Mapping and Root Cause Analysis.


Product Ownership

Understand the fundamental tools used to build mind blowing products that users love.


Exam Prep

Complete your challenge sessions and register for the RSM and RPO credential exams. You will have access to our Practice Exams and Mentoring sessions to make sure you are ready to ace your Agile Education Program Credential Exams.

Our Method

CAVU’s Agile Accelerator is at the forefront of innovative, technology-driven education. Our cutting-edge AI-assisted platform forms the backbone of the Agile curriculum, combining bite-sized lessons with personalized feedback. Our expert team collaborates with seasoned Agile practitioners to create engaging and practical content.

Learners progress through the program in guided cohorts, collaborating on real-world projects and case studies within our interactive social learning platform.

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