Advanced Scrum

Deepen Your Agility With Scaling and Product Management.

Advanced Scrum Courses

We offer multiple courses under our Advanced Scrum program. You can pick and choose what interests you as you look to deepen your Scrum journey. From scaling to coaching, our programs are designed to elevate your Agile practice.

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Course Breakdown

Scaled Scrum

Learn the foundation of scaling Scrum across multiple teams and complex projects. Learn the principles of Scrum@Scale and how to implement them in large organizations for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Scaled Scrum Master

This course covers advanced facilitation skills, resolving cross-team dependencies, and fostering continuous improvement at scale. All important skills to advance your Scrum Master role.

Scaled Product Owner

Expand your capabilities as a Product Owner by learning to prioritize and manage product backlogs for several teams. This training will teach you how to align multiple product increments and drive value at an enterprise level.

Scaled Agile Leader

Transform into a leader who can steer entire organizations through Agile transformations. This course focuses on leadership strategies, cultural shifts, and maintaining alignment across large teams and departments.

Agile Team Coach

Develop your coaching skills to mentor and support Agile teams. This program covers advanced coaching techniques, team dynamics, and methods to foster high-performing Agile teams.

Agile Transformation Coach

Lead your organization through Agile transformations with confidence. Learn to assess Agile maturity, create transformation roadmaps, and implement strategies to ensure lasting change and continuous improvement.

Value Stream Management

Optimize your organization’s value streams to enhance delivery and efficiency. This course teaches you how to map, analyze, and improve the flow of value from ideation to delivery.

Scrum Trainer

Become a credentialed Scrum Trainer and teach others the principles and practices of Scrum. This program covers advanced instructional techniques, curriculum development, and ways to engage and inspire your students.

DevOps & DevSecOps

Integrate DevOps practices into your Agile framework to enhance collaboration and streamline delivery. This course covers continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD), automation, and fostering a culture of shared responsibility between development and operations teams.

Our Method

CAVU’s Agile Accelerator is at the forefront of innovative, technology-driven education. Our cutting-edge AI-assisted platform forms the backbone of the Agile curriculum, combining bite-sized lessons with personalized feedback. Our expert team collaborates with seasoned Agile practitioners to create engaging and practical content.

Learners progress through the program in guided cohorts, collaborating on real-world projects and case studies within our interactive social learning platform.

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