Need to hire a Scrum Product Owner (RPO)?


In addition to cultural fit with your organization, the following are some of the traits you should look for when hiring a Product Owner.

Strong Product Management Skills

The Scrum Product Owner should have excellent product management skills, including experience with product strategy, product road-mapping, and product development. They should be able to communicate their vision and goals effectively and motivate the team to work towards achieving them.

Good Communication and Leadership

The Product Owner should be an excellent communicator who can clearly and effectively articulate their vision, priorities, and requirements to the development team. They should also have excellent leadership skills to motivate the team and drive the project forward.

Strong Business Acumen

The Product Owner should have a solid understanding of the business and its goals, as well as the market and competition. They should be able to identify opportunities and prioritize requirements to meet business objectives.

Knowledge of Agile Methodology

The Product Owner should have a thorough understanding of Agile methodology and Scrum framework. They should be able to apply Agile principles to the project and adapt to changing requirements.

Technical Expertise

While not necessary, having technical knowledge or experience can be an advantage for the Product Owner, as they can better understand and communicate with the development team.

Collaborative and Team-Oriented

The Product Owner should be collaborative, team-oriented, and able to work well with others. They should be open to feedback and willing to make changes as needed to ensure the success of the project.


The Product Owner should have a track record of success in leading product development projects, preferably with experience in Agile methodology and Scrum framework.

Overall, when hire a Scrum Product Owner, the right candidate should be a strong project manager, good communicator and leader, and be collaborative and team-oriented who can also deliver business value to your organization.

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