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Chris Sims, founding team member, CEO, and Chief Product Owner of Sigao Studios, found his stride as a software engineer and project manager during his management information systems studies at the University of Alabama. Now, with over 20 years of programming and 16 years of project management experience under his belt, Chris confidently leads his team to identify complex problems and push the boundaries to achieve high-performing, innovative and sleek solutions.

Chris leverages his mastery of Agile philosophy, Scrum methodology, and mentoring techniques to build collaborative and creative project teams that are empowered to deliver dynamic results. His passion is coaching clients-from startups to the C-Suite of Fortune 100 enterprise organizations grow and create engaged teams of innovators.

Chris has worked with a broad range of Workforce Development initiatives ranging from regional programs such as the Central Six IT Apprenticeship Consortium to nationwide initiatives with significant advocacy in Washington DC and beyond.

Through this work, Chris has become one of the first people authorized to assess and evaluate Scrum Inc Scrum Trainers as one of the first Scrum Fellows in the world. All Scrum Inc Scrum Trainer candidates must be approved by an Scrum fellow. Scrum Inc., and the Scrum Program team, has trusted Chris to provide the level of mentorship and skills development to help those candidates become the best Scrum trainers they can be.

Becoming a Scrum Fellow means Chris lives and embodies the values that are core to Scrum. It means that he is committed to helping others grow and reach their potential to have a greater positive impact on the world. That Chris exceeds the standards of Scrum, Inc. across the dimensions of quality, ability, knowledge, and impact. That Chris is an active and central part of the growing Scrum community, and that he is an expert in Scrum Implementation and education and an expert in Scrum@Scale.